Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EDGES by Lena Roy

EDGES is a beautifully written Young Adult novel with themes that will hit home with every reader.

Luke is a teenage boy whose father has spiraled into alcoholism after the death of Luke's mother. Unable to tolerate the drinking, ranting, vomiting, and general ugliness of it any more, Luke relocates from New York City to Moab, Utah to work at a youth hostel there.

Ava is a recovering alcoholic at only nineteen years of age. Though her parents are kind people, the relationship between Ava and her mom and dad is strained at best. Now that her parents have left town to seek their own adventure out west, Ava must not only support herself, she must also defeat her addiction.

With a touch of magic woven into a tale of brokenness and redemption, EDGES is one that will leave you feeling full of hope.

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  1. This sounds awesome. I'm off to go enter, thanks, Anne!