The Afterglow Reviewers!

Pu Aili

I have read many, varied books ranging from political thrillers, to fantasy, to Christian fiction, and ending up somewhere around books about the afterlife and psychology. I currently live in the beautiful state of Hawaii (yes it is as gorgeous as everyone says) with my amazing husband. Writing is a hobby for me, not a career option, and reading is a passion.

Renee Garner
Interior designer, aspiring illustrator, and super grandma. I enjoy, Science Fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and I tend to pick up old stuff. I've read all of Arthur Conan Doyle, C.S.Lewis - including his Christian apologetics, Jane Austen, Heinlein, Asimov, Arthur Clark, Anne McCafferty (loved her dragon series) in the last 20 years, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, the Percy Jackson series, and The Da Vinci Code.

Jen Daiker
I is: 25, a girl, blonde, quirky, and original (I think). I am also thinking in this pose (see quirky & original)
I like to write:  Adult Chick Lits, YA fantasy, horror (jack of all trades).
I like to read: Everything underneath the sun (literally, reading outside is the best). Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, anything that tickles my fancy.
I have addictions: Jelly Belly’s, sour candies, cupcakes, and sparkles
To reach the chaos: you can find me at Unedited or via email at jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com

Tiffany Garner
Aspiring writer and masters student at NYU, I write YA fantasy and read pretty much anything that catches my fancy. Writing is my passion, and I love sharing that passion with others!
Favorites include: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson (Afterglow here!), Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton (Afterglow here!), The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, The Odyssey (yes, the epic poem), the entire Harry Potter series, and almost anything by Shakespeare (even though those are plays, not books).
I love to read and review books, so please contact me!
Blog: Printed Passion
Twitter: @tiffany_garner
Facebook: Printed Passion - Author Tiffany Garner's Blog
Email: tiffany_garner(at)hotmail(dot)com

Phyllis Lantz
I most often read New York Times bestsellers like The Help and The Book Thief. 

Michelle McLean
I like YA, historicals, romance (mostly romantic suspense), NF (love bios about historical figures, esp historical women leaders...Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, etc), paranormal, dystopian.
You can also find me on my blog, my website, and Operation Awesome.

Lindsay Scott
I live in the North of England, close to my understanding family and friends who share me with my fictional friends, chocolate, and a never ending "to be read" pile.
You can also find me on my blog and Operation Awesome.

Bill Lantz
I read political thrillers (e.g. Vince Flynn), legal thrillers (e.g. John Grisham), science fiction (e.g. Isaac Asimov), and boy books (e.g. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter).

Angela Townsend
I like Fantasy (like Harry potter), Horror, Thrillers and classics like Wuthering Heights. 
I'm a member of Operation Awesome and you can find me on my website
Newest release, FROZEN FURY, is available on Kindle.

Kelly Andrews
A lifelong Philadelphian, I live in Wynnewood with my husband Jeff Lyons and two little girls. 
My tastes in middle-grade, YA, and adult are literary, fantasy, historical, and especially books that blend more than two or more of those elements. Also find me on Operation Awesome. 

Katrina Lantz
Words are my oxygen, books are my drug, and writing is my happy place. I write middle grade (8-12) and young adult (13+) novels. I live in southern California with my husband and three children. 
My favorite genres include YA, MG, and select adult fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, regency, steampunk, dystopian and mystery. Read me at my blog, Operation Awesome, and The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog.
She is an editorial assistant for Month9Books, a publisher of awesome MG/YA paranormal, speculative fiction, and fantasy.

Email me: katrina (dot) lantz (at) gmail (dot) com

Anne Riley
I love all things YA. I teach high school Spanish to pay the bills and live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and baby girl. I'm currently pursuing publication. You can find me at

Christine Fonseca

I write, I play, I drink skinny vanilla lattes. I write both nonfiction (101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids and Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students) and YA fiction. My debut YA Gothic romance series, The Requiem Series, is being released by Compass Press starting in Feb with DIES IRAE and March with LACRIMOSA. In addition to the occasional review here, you can find me on Downtown YA or my blog. 

Angela Cothran
I love books! All kinds of books: Middle Grade, YA, Romance, Classics, Mystery, Fantasy.
I struggle with Non-fiction, unless it is such an amazing new insight that it changes my life 
(hard to do).
I am also currently seeking publication.

   Shallee McArthur
I write YA science fiction, and spend far too much time doing that and far too little time doing housework. When I'm not writing, I'm chasing my over-active one-year-old around the house while he giggles like an evil villain. I have a BA in English from BYU, and live in Utah with my husband  and son. My reading preferences are eclectic, but I am always a fan of fantasy, sci fi, YA, historical fiction, urban fantasy...and pretty much anything that's well written! You can find me on my website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

I love books—my all time favorites include ENDER’S GAME (Orson Scott Card), THE LAST UNICORN (Peter Beagle), HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN (JK Rowling), and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (LM Montgomery). I write contemporary YA and MG fiction. You can find me on Twitter (@KristineAsselin), my website, or my blog. I'm also on Facebook and Goodreads!

Matthew MacNish

I've always loved reading and writing, but only recently decided to pursue publication. I blog about the mishaps that come from doing so with little more than utter ignorance at The QQQE blog. You can also find me on The Facebook, and Twitter.

Sophia Chang
An article in Psychology Today said staying up late is an evolutionary adaptation signaling intelligence.  I'm gonna go with that.  That and my book addiction.

I  write mostly YA fantasy and I sing with the Harvard Yardbirds, an alumni a capella group.  Though raised a New Yorker, I can't escape SoCal.  I have a fondness for pitbulls.  And I still like vampire books.

Find me on:
My Blog

 Becky Mahoney
I am a native New Englander and aspiring author who writes YA fantasy, mystery, and horror. My taste in books tend to fall along the same lines, but really, I'll try anything as long as it's good! Favorite books include THE CHRONICLES OF CHRESTOMANCI by Diana Wynne Jones, CORALINE by Neil Gaiman, THE WESTING GAME by Ellen Raskin, and, of course, the Harry Potter books.

Come visit anytime:
My Blog

Jessica Brooks

I love owls, drink coffee like a champ, read and write (mostly) YA fiction, and talk about all of those things to pretty much anyone who will listen. Recently, I figured out how to make crepes. (I'm crepe-tastic at it, by the way.) Rainy days are my absolute favorite; and a recent book that really stuck with me (not YA) is AN OWL ON EVERY POST by Sanora Babb. My debut book, PITY ISN'T AN OPTION, was released in February.

Connect with me at My Thoughts Exactly or on Twitter, Goodreads, or Pinterest.

Autumn Haeberle Mulverhill

Hi there. We don't know each other, so let's chat. I'll start.

I love to read. LOVE IT. I also love to write, but up until now have been kind of closeted about it.  I'm 35, happily married, and mom to a two-year-old-blue-eyed-tornado-girl. I love yoga, plants/gardening, teaching, singing, and learning new things. I am a Psych major currently out of school, have three fat tomcats, and avidly collect both insects and stamps. Oh, and I have a propensity to break toes on my right foot. 

As for my literary interests, I am extremely eclectic. When I am not reading a recommended book, I find I tend to lean towards YA, Mysteries, Classics, and anything from my much beloved Sci-Fi novelist, Neil Gaiman. 

I hope we can be good friends. Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads, Facebook, or at my dust covered blog (For blog invitations, you can email me at: bugchiquita at gmail dot com.)