Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Treats #2 - Santa's Nice List

Hello, Christmas! With December just a day a way, boy do I have a treat for you! Christmas Treats #2 - Santa's Nice list is the perfect anthology for this amazing holiday season! Maggie Devine, Darlene Fredette, and Liv Rancourt rocked the pages with their witty chick lit ways! This holiday delight is perfect as a gift, or just for a nice light read while the snow falls!

Here's a sneak peek at the stories!

Mistletoe Accomplished by Maggie Devine
Cross a faux fur mink mogul with a sexy chef, a little bit of deception, and taste the seduction.”

Chocolate Kisses by Darlene Fredette
"When Jackson Frost returns to Redford Falls, Candi Cane knows he’s not only after her chocolate kisses.”

The Santa Drag by Liv Rancourt
"Things aren't always what they seem, and this shopping mall Santa has a secret that only the love of her life can reveal."

The Afterglow:

This was the CUTEST anthology I've ever had the pleasure of reading! Delicious from beginning to end! Each author as talented as the last! My heart is still warm and filled with love! Christmas Treats Anthology: Santa’s Nice List was amazing from beginning to end!

Mistletoe Accomplished was a delicious read! Grab your cocoa and let the snow fall in the background, this short story is sure to bring warmth into your heart. What better way to start the holiday with a delightful tale of an ex-food critic and a marvelous chef falling in love with one another. Maggie Devine had me salivating for decadent foods and a hunky hero. I loved every little morsel.

Fredette’s Chocolate Kisses is sure to leave you in a candy coma! This delectable tale of love will have you running for all the goodies you can find this holiday season. Candi Cane and Jack Frost are more than just cute names, these spicy characters are sure to leave your heart toasty! Nothing like a fake marriage to heat things up! This duo will leave you giggling at their silly arrangement, signing divorce papers for playing Santa. You’ll want to share this with a loved one!

The Santa Drag. There’s nothing worse than seeing your Ex, while you’re dressed in a Santa costume. Rancourt had me laughing in this adorable short story. She shows that even in the weirdest of circumstances, when you’re in love, nothing stops the connection. PS – for those who love an extra treat, this Santa is a little past the milk and cookies and has a hankering for beer and cold pizza, what’s not to love?

- Review by Jen Daiker

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  1. I need to read more anthologies. They are awesome for when you don't have time to be wrapped up in a full book (because then all I want to do is read the book!) and you can read story by story at your leisure!
    Thanks for the holiday recommendation!

  2. You're so right! It allows you to get into the holiday spirit without getting to wrapped up in a three hundred page novel! We all have those shopping lists and chores to get done! This is the perfect in between read!

  3. Be sure to have the chocolate handy when reading my short, because it's lip-smacking delicious, lol!

    Thank you for the great review, Jen!

  4. Ohhhhh!!!!! This sounds fun! Delicious review! ;)

  5. Darlene your descriptions had me in a trance! I wanted to try my hand at baking WHILE reading it! Too fun!

    So delicious Morgan!

  6. Wonderful review - I think I need some chocolate kisses! <3

  7. It sounds wonderful. I have such a soft spot for Christmas anthologies, and this one sounds like one I would adore.

  8. This sounds like a nice book! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and send good vibes! It made me happy to see you there! :D

  9. Eeek! So excited I found this blog...

    "Book addict enablers"


    I love it!

    New stalker alert!! ( ;

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