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TO TRUST A THIEF by Michelle McLean

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The Blurb:

Minuette Sinclair's parents are in trouble and her fake fiancé is too. A legendary lost necklace might be their salvation, and Min is determined to find it and use it to buy her family and fiancé out of their misfortunes. 
Master thief Bryant Westley is also looking for the fabled necklace. He knows Min’s got information he can use so he poses as her dance instructor and tries to seduce it from her. 
What he doesn’t count on are his feelings for her. He offers to partner up in the search – even though she is a distraction he can’t afford.  
Things become more complicated when Min realizes that her convenient engagement means more to her fake fiancé than her and that she’s fallen in love with Bryant. Bryant realizes that he can’t double cross the young lady he’s come to love. Can they find the necklace together and admit their love before it’s too late?

The Afterglow:

Sexy and suspenseful, To Trust a Thief kept me on the edge of my seat as well as making me fall in love with the characters. Lost treasure, hidden rooms, a regency era boarding school for girls, and a hot dance instructor who's really a master thief. What more can you want in a romance novel?!

I was blown away by this book. I've read my share of candy romances, where it's all so predictable and delicious, but this is not a candy romance. It's got romance -- oh boy, does it have that! But it's also a mystery, a coming of age story for a young Victorian woman, a love triangle, a treasure hunt, a bit of a scandal. The characters in this Victorian era finishing school are not well-behaved.

Minuette is a heroine to root for. She has fears like anyone, but she's brave when it counts. She's clumsy, but it's endearing and totally believable thanks to her wild island upbringing. From the beginning, the reader is led to feel Aunt Laura's hopes to refine Min Sinclair are hopeless. Bryant is truly a master thief, but one with a personal code of honor -- the best kind.

Arthur... oh, Arthur. I loved this character so much, and my heart broke for him a hundred times in the course of reading this book. Charlotte, Min's best friend, and Arthur, really make this book for me. Their loyalty and common sense make the larger-than-life-ness of Bryant and Min actually work. Bryant also has a loyal friend who surprises me with his devotion toward the end of the book.

I can't say enough about the depth and passion in this book. I just loved it, and finished reading it at nearly 2am this morning. The author has a gold-rush era historical romance trilogy coming out this year, and I simply cannot wait to read more from Michelle McLean.

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