Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GRAVITY vs. THE GIRL by Riley Noehren

I’ve been reading this book for over a week, but I’ve taken my time because DARN IT—I didn’t want it to end :)
Samantha Green has just spent an entire year in her pajamas, and she is beginning to regret it. What's more, she is haunted by four ghosts that are former versions of herself. First up is the overachieving and materialistic attorney, who is furious with Samantha for throwing away the career she worked so hard to build. Second is the lackadaisical college student who is high on life but low on responsibility. Next is the melodramatic teenager, who is consumed with her social standing, teal eyeliner and teased bangs. Finally, there is the scrappy six-year old, whose only objective is to overcome gravity so that she can fly. Samantha's ghosts alternate between fighting with each other, rallying around Samantha's budding sanity and falling in love with a string of good-for-nothing drummers. Despite her reluctance to do so, Samantha must rely on these spirits from the past to repair the present and ensure her future.
The Afterglow
I LOVED this book! Maybe it is because I feel like I’m one chocolate bar away from a nervous breakdown most of the time myself, so I could relate with Samantha's meltdown. I can only imagine what my child-self and teenage-self would think of me today.

This was such a brilliant concept and beautifully executed. The writing was lovely and Noehren did a fantastic job of weaving the themes of love, loss, gravity, and change throughout the book.
Even given the heavy subject matter of depression and lunacy, it was light, funny, touching, and insightful. Pick it up you won’t be disappointed. I would read it again in a second :)
-Angie Cothran

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  1. This book sounds incredible--I've never heard of anything like it. Thanks for the review!