Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For centuries, Blackhope Tower has been shrouded in intrigue, centered around a labyrinth and a painting in the Mariner's Chamber.

When fourteen-year-old Sunni Forrest visits the tower and sees her stepbrother Dean disappear, seemingly into the painting itself, she must find him and risk being drawn into the heart of the Blackhope Enigma.

The Afterglow

LOVED this one! Not only do people live inside the painting; there are layers of worlds, in which the inhabitants are unaware of how much time has passed outside the painting. Arcadia--the "main"world, I guess you could say--is too perfect to ever leave.

I loved the idea of Arcadia; how it seems so perfect on the surface, but once you dig a little deeper, you find some darkness lurking in the corners . . . wonderfully creepy!

This book releases August 9--just a few days away!


  1. Ooh, sounds spooky. I always love a magic painting! Looks like it'd be great "research" for the dark novel I'm writing, too, since Teresa obviously did a phenomenal job building the world! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ooooh, this one sounds fantastic! Going on my wishlist immediately!

  3. This sounds fascinating! I haven't heard of it before, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. That sounds fantastic. I love the whole painting idea, makes me want to read the book and go paint something.

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