Monday, May 9, 2011

The Kiss of a Stranger : by Sarah M. Eden

LOVED this book! You know it is good when you are yelling at the characters, "Come on already! Figure it out people!" I read it in one day completely ignoring my kids and dinner (we had cereal :) A great regency romance with very well developed characters. I met the author at a conference. She was so funny and personable it made me want to read her books.
- Angela Cothran

When Crispin, Lord Cavratt, thoroughly and scandalously kisses a serving woman in the garden of a country inn, he assumes the encounter will be of no consequence. But he couldn't be more mistaken--the maid is not only a lady of birth, she's the niece of a very large, exceptionally angry gentlemen, who claims Crispin has compromised his niece beyond redemption. The dismayed young lord has no choice but to marry Miss Catherine Thorndale, who lacks both money and refinement and assumes all men are as vicious as her guardian uncle.

Trapped between an unwanted marriage and a hasty annulment, which would leave his reputation tainted and Catherine's utterly ruined, Crispin begins guiding his wife's transformatoin from a socially petrified country girl to a lady of society. Their unfolding relationship reveals encouraging surprises for both of them, and privately each of them wonders if theirs may become a true marriage of the heart. But their hopes are dashed when forces conspire to split asunder what fate has granted. As a battle of wits escalates into a life-threatening confrontation, will it be possible for Crispin and Catherine to live happily ever after?


  1. I agree, Sarah was a hoot to listen to! I'm so jealous that you got your hands on her books before they sold out. After her lesson on romance writing, I'm dying to see her methods in action. Thank you for sharing, and a big warm welcome for your first Afterglow review!

  2. whee! sounds like a fun book! Thanks, Angela! :o)

  3. Gotta love those books that cause you to have cereal for supper! Thanks for the tip :)

  4. I haven't seen this one yet. Thanks for the review! :-)